How intentional positivity can change your day!


One thing that has made my mornings, and days, easier is taking time to be intentionally positive.

I began incorporating this into my morning routines a few months back. This has changed my attitude leading into the day!


When I begin my morning journaling, I take a few minutes to be present in the moment.

I think about what I am most thankful for and where I want my energy to make the most impact for the day.

Everything I journal about is the positive aspects of my life. I do not allow myself to be negative in the space.

I then write one “thank you note” in this journal. Now, this sounds silly BUT it never leaves my journal.

It is just for me to see.

I write this note to anyone or anything. It helps my motivation, increases my inspiration, and just makes my day 10 times better. This note is not drawn out. It is very simple and brief.

My mind is in a better place to handle day to day tasks. When negative energy or stressful situations happen, I am in a better headspace to react calmly.

Which has had an impact on my anxiety!

I feel less anxious and less stressed about situations.

I am more likely to let situations roll off of my shoulders, instead of continuously thinking of how I could’ve done something different.

Incorporating these things into my morning have a significantly improved my day!

How intentional positivity can change your day! | The Boss Babe Empire | A post written by Amanda at Lavendar Sessions

Hi! I’m Amanda. I live in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. I am new to the podcast and blog game.

I use my social media platforms to inspire and encourage others! I truly enjoy empowering others through funny stories (usually my personal experiences), fitness, and my podcast!

Living by the motto, “be yourself and your tribe will come”, I found become friends with the greatest ladies from across the world!

You can hear my podcast on Anchor at Apple Podcast at Lavender Sessions with Amanda, or any streaming Podcast app.

Come share your thoughts with me and your journey on Instagram : lavenderlouise.

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