Hi ladies!

If you’re new here and don’t already know much about my own personal journey, I’d love to give you a little more of an insight into why I become so passionate about helping other women build a stronger, healthier and happier version of their best self.


I have always been bigger than most of my friends but the real turning point for me was in 2001. I was sixteen and getting ready to join the Royal Air Force and one of the conditions was that I needed to lose weight and get fit.

My dad helped with the fitness part and I decided to go on a Slim Fast diet to get the weight off quickly. It did the job and a month or so later I had dropped a dress size or two and was at my goal weight. I felt so confident, like I could achieve anything but it didn’t last long…

Basic Training came and no longer able to sustain the Slim Fast ‘diet’, I returned to eating normal food. Within the space of two years I ballooned up to a UK size 20 – 3 sizes bigger than when I started.

Over the next 15 years, I tried every single diet under the sun to try and lose the weight but none of them worked. I just sat plateaued at a UK size 20, occasionally a size 22.

My confidence was low but I always managed to put on my mask and not allow the world to see how much it affected me. I would try to convince myself that I was happy with the way I looked, then I’d go home and eat my feelings.

But then I hit a turning point and I realised… things needed to change…

I was watching this video on YouTube and it all became so clear. I needed to get healthy… and I needed to do it properly!

No more fad diets, no more quick fixes and no more excuses! It was time to pull my socks up, work hard and find a way of making healthy lifestyle changes that I can sustain long term.

First, I started making little changes like drinking more water, eating smaller portions and opting for healthier options rather than always going for my comfort food. I even signed up for a gym membership… I know, right!

I finally found a way to enjoy exercise… something that I absolutely hated! But more importantly, I realised that I could lose weight WITHOUT having to give up all of the things that I love.

So, what now?

Now, I am over 50lbs leaner and although I still have a fair way to go, I am a whole lot healthier… and happier than I have been in a really long time.

I am constantly losing fat and because I am doing it in a healthy and sustainable way… it’s staying off!

In fact, I love working out so much that I have actually started working towards my qualification as a personal trainer and I want to specialise in helping others achieve the body that they want and DESERVE!

Even though I started my journey in a place where most people would be unhappy, I was not unhappy with how my body looke because I loved my body… in fact, I loved my body so much, I wanted to do everything I could to take care of it the best I could.

This is why I’m extremely passionate about helping other women learn how to love themselves, from beginning to end.

You shouldn’t exercise or eat healthy because you hate your body – you should exercise and eat healthy because you love your body and I am determined to show women everywhere how to fuel and nourish their bodies to get the results they deserve, and look and FEEL their best.

This is what The Boss Babe Empire is all about – being happy, healthy, setting goals and winning each day, one at a time,


Haley Ryan is on a mission to help thousands of women around the world achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Join The Boss Babe Empire and find out how you can take steps to build the best version of yourself by nourishing, fuelling and challenging your body.

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